Essential Oils

FAM!!!  Amazing promos going on at doTERRA and Savage Yogi essential oils in the month of June.  This includes 20% off on one of my favourite kits, the Daily Health habits collection.  Email me for details!!!


Greetings oil enthusiast!  I am a self-proclaimed oil addict and pusher.  I truly believe these plant-based gifts are the key to a holistic lifestyle.

You are invited to join the doTERRA family and experience the magic of essential oils in daily life.  Curious?  Read on.  I also adore phone and video chats.  If that sounds better to you, drop me a line here.

Ready to experience essential oils?  Here’s how:

For your initial order you can either choose a kit or single items.  If you choose to purchase a kit, your first annual membership fee of $42 is waived.  The membership covers back office administration and gives you access to the wholesale product price (25% off retail).  The annual fee drops to $30 after your first year (and you receive a free bottle of peppermint oil – value of $28).  The kits are incredible, so have fun looking around the site!

There are 36 products under $20 CAD (wholesale). Oils on a shoe string budget!

How to open a doTERRA Wholesale Membership
  1. Go to:
  2. Top Menu: select “Join & Save”
  3. Select “Join doTerra” (big green button)
  4. Enter the language/country
  5. Choose Canada
  6. Select: “Wholesale Member” > continue
  7. Enter your information; you will see my enroller ID (5372670); this is what links us together
  8. Click “Select Enrollment Kit” and search the kit(s) you want plus any additional oils. The $42 membership fee is written as “Introductory packet”.  If you choose an introductory kit the $42 fee is waived.  Otherwise you can pay the fee and select any individual oils or products you want to add ‘à la carte’.


The BEST Kit for overall value is the Home Essentials kit.  It includes the top ten oils and the Petal Diffuser for $330 CAD (plus tax and shipping).

Enter billing/cc info/shipping and Process order!

You will then be asked if you want to create a monthly LRP.  You can skip this for now and we can take a look at LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) together.

I am so excited to continue this oils journey with you.  If you have any questions about the sign-up process or need some oil recommendations, do not hesitate to get in touch.

  1. My youtube channel is finally live with some fun mindset work, sharing tips and DIY EO home activities.  Take a peek!
  2. My french essential oils education forum is finally live.  Check it out here.

I have also created a full line of organic homemade skin care products.  To learn how to make your own blends using doTERRA oils or for other inquiries, contact me.


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