Creative process

I am a motivated and passionate artist.  Having graduated with Honors (specialisation in choreography) from the York University dance program, I moved to Montreal to pursue my career on a larger scale.

I have offered Master classes, workshops and choreography across Ontario and Quebec, Calgary, New York, Miami and Spain.

Recent creative work includes over 25 original pieces of choreography for the Cegep de la Gaspésie et des Iles dance school as well as two short films with gaspésien cinematographer Duane Cabot.  ‘My skin’ and ‘Under my Skin’ were both created as love letters and are a testament to the creative power of Nature.  Our recent film (Under my Skin) was a jury selection in the 2017 edition of the festival Les Percéides and won the ‘Prix Gaspésien’ in the 2018 edition of the Festival Vues sur Mer.  My latest creative project ‘Mea Culpa and the Sirens’ (working title) is in the research phase and clips from my studio sessions will soon be available on my youtube channel.  In September 2018, I was offered a creative residency for this most recent project at the BioDanza school in Rome, Italy.

My skin
Under my Skin
Dance and movement classes

Classes can be done as private, semi-private, small group (4-6) and large group (8-16) workshops as well as Master classes where attendance cap is based on facilities.

  • Contemporary (Beginner/intermediate/advanced)
  • Contemporary Jazz (Beginner/intermediate/advanced)
  • Contemporary Lyrical (Beginner/intermediate/advanced)
  • Urban/contemporary fusion (Beginner/intermediate)
  • Hip hop (Beginner/intermediate)
  • Ballet (beginner)
  • Tap (beginner)
  • Cardio Dance Party (all levels)

My youtube channel is finally live and I will start adding choreography and class content shortly.  For now here is a sneak peak.

For bookings or class pricing contact me.


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